Vision Therapy Center of Fort Collins


Vision is more than 20/20
Fort Collins Optometrists specializing in Behavioral Optometry and Vision Therapy Rehabilitation
  • vision therapy

    - is a series of treatment procedures prescribed by optometrists to improve vision problems that cannot be corrected with only glasses or contact lenses.

  • - is much like physical therapy for the eyes, during which vision disorders are corrected to improve the patient’s visual function and performance.

  • - treats learning-related vision problems such as poor tracking, focusing, eye teaming, or visual processing.

  • - also corrects lazy eyes and crossed eyes–without the need for surgery.

Our Staff

Becky Manning, COVT
Optometric Vision Therapist
Becky has been working in the practice with Dr. Bateman since 2007. She received her certification as an Optometric Vision Therapist in 2012. One of the best parts about her job is getting to work one-on-one with people.
Lauren Flicker
Optometric Vision Therapist
Lauren graduated from Penn State University and received her Bachelor of Science in Biobehavioral Health. She loves seeing her patient’s hard work pay off throughout and after Vision Therapy and gets excited seeing the positive impact it makes on their everyday lives.
Brooke Riska
Optometric Vision Therapist
Bio coming soon

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